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Basic Dos and Don'ts Advice with an escort

Basic Dos and Don'ts Advice with an escort

Hiring an escort service like Babe Collection for your companionship needs in London is a great way to explore the city and have some fun. There are hundreds of escorts in this city enrolled with various escort agencies spawn across the city. Every gentleman, who hires an escort, definitely knows what to do with them and how to behave around them. However, there are some specific dos and don’ts that one needs to know while hiring an escort service.

The dos:

  1. Treat her with respect because she is offering her services to you and she is just like any other professional that you hire.
  2. Do not demean her in front of other people by calling her a cheapest London escorts because she may not like it when others get to know about her personal profession.
  3. Make her feel comfortable first and get to know her even before you start having sex with her. This is the best way to break the ice and have a friendly and meaningful relationship with her.

The don’ts:

  1. Do not spread the word about her among your contacts saying that she is an escort or where she works. Remember that she also has a personal life which is discreet.
  2. Do not be rude to her by your behaviour or your words like asking her to leave, or throwing a tip at her. Be gentle in the ways that you do it.
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Written on: 24 Apr 2019 by admin