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Babe Collection Recruitment

Being an escort in London has several advantages for women monetarily and also status wise. Gone are in London when people used to consider an escorts job demeaning and disrespectful one. These days escorts are viewed with a great deal of respect and also are treated with dignity. Escort jobs in Londonare available in plenty for the right women and the most deserving ones.

One can consider becoming an escort for the high amount of money they can make on a weekly basis. Babe Collection is always hiring escorts in areas, like Seven Sisters, Tottenham, Wood Green, Finchley, Haringey, Camden, and Hackney of North London.

Escorts in London can look at a viable income of £3000-£5000 per week. Whether you are looking for extra cash to pay your college fees or just need that extra income, North London escorts jobs meet the standards.

If you are looking for adult work and are trying to find an agency then Babe Collection is the best agency in North London. There are several advantages for you to work with us.

  1. You do not need a pedigree education to partner with us and if you have the right attitude and the body you will be hired. We always like to give beautiful women the right kind of platform for recruitment and also a safe environment to work in.
  2. We have ample vacancy throughout the year because of our increasing customer base and you will not face any stiff competition in the hiring process. Every escort is treated individuality and credited for her skills.
  3. We ensure that even as a beginner the customers you meet will treat you well with respect and dignity. We do not compromise on that and most of our customers are high-className gentlemen from business and executive backgrounds. They definitely know how to treat their women.
  4. At Babe Collection, you can just concentrate on giving the best shot to your job because everything else, like payments our agents, will be taking care of it in the background. You can work peacefully with the full assurance that you will be paid promptly.
  5. We are the best escort recruitment North London has to offer and we take care of the end-to-end needs of both escorts and the customers. We ensure the safety for them in both ways, legally and hygiene wise.

More information about becoming an escort

To be able to find an escort jobs in London, you will need some basic qualifications. Most of them are from the physical aspect and some also depend on your attitude and general outlook. If you can converse fluently in English, it is an added advantage. Usually, while findingNorth London escort jobs the agencies, including Babe Collection, do not give that much importance to ethnicity and race. In fact, they like to employ mixed races and people from various backgrounds.

Escort jobs are especially beneficial for students because the fabulous income helps them pay the tuition fees for their college, rents and also help them with spare cash to spend on their shopping. While different escorts charge differently, there are also opportunities to get tipped by customers as well. Many customers take an instant liking to the escorts and also sometimes buy escorts gifts like clothes and perfumes etc.

As an escort, you will be required to accompany your customers to high-profile parties and holidays if they require. So it opens up a lot of opportunities for women to travel and explore new places along with fine dining opportunities.

When you approach an escort agency, like Babe Collection, you need to carry some presentable pictures of yourself with a brief write up about your likes and hobbies and so on. If you do not have any professional photographs of yourself, do not worry because we take care of the photography and profiling for you. We have a team of good professional photographers who can show you in the best light. They click model-like pictures for you that can be displayed on our website.

You need not worry about your picture being publicized in social media and other groups without your consent. As a premium escort agency, we are highly committed to safeguarding your privacy and will keep your profile as discreet as possible.

FAQs about what do I need to become a successful escort?

Before we answer your questions here are some facts to consider:

Your attitude determines everything in this industry. The more the customers like you and the better you are reviewed, the more prospects you will have to become a better escort.

  1. What qualities should an applicant have?
    Babe Collection is on the lookout for stylish, sensitive and sophisticated women. They should have clean work ethics, reliable, highly professional and also open-minded about sex. Knowing English is an added advantage.
  2. Am I an employee of Babe Collection?
    No, you are not an employee and you will be using our agency services to promote your services. You are responsible for your own taxes and NI.
  3. How are the interviews conducted?
    Interviews are conducted through Skype/video conferencing, so you will need a device that supports these applications.
  4. How much can I earn as an escort?
    Using Babes Collection advertising platform you can make as much as £3000-£5000 per week. It is possible to earn even more than that.

Are you looking at a career or a job as a escort? Just reach out to Babe Collection use the recruitment form to register yourself. Once you complete the registration process, we will review your application and get back to you immediately. We then call you for an appointment with us so that we can discuss further. You can ask us as many questions you want and clear all your concerns. If you still have doubts about being an escort, you can come back to us for further discussion and we will give you all the answers you need. So call us today!