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What is the Difference Between PSE and GFE?

What is the Difference Between PSE and GFE?

Many people get excited when they see that escorts provide PSE and GFE. Unfortunately, most believe that both these services are one and the same. However, that is not the case. You need to know the difference between the two so that you can choose the right service and escort for it.

So, without much ado, here are some of the differences between PSE and GFE that you should be aware of.

Experience Affection

GFE stands for girlfriend experience. When you choose this service, you enjoy the same loving attention that you would get from your girlfriend. You will feel that you have a loving girlfriend next to you and not an escort. The affection will be palpable and it will envelop you. Affection is not part of PSE, which stands for porn star experience. There are real porn stars, like Victoria Summers, who provide this experience if you are curious about it. PSE is more about physical and intimate connection between the client and escort.

Frenzied Intimacy

If you have watched a porn film and wondered whether you try all the antics and kinky stuff that you saw then PSE is perfect for you. Porn star escorts in London are known to be wild and kinky. They help your darkest fantasies come to life and you will be able to try different positions when you are with them. When you choose GFE, sexual intimacy may not be a part of it initially. Just like with a girlfriend, the intimacy builds up over a period, you can expect the same thing. Sometimes, escorts, who specialise in GFE, get intimate on the first date but that should not be an expectation. With GFE, it is about the small things that you would usually do with a girlfriend, like holding hands, laughing at silly jokes, kissing, complimenting, and just being yourself. Most of the times, GFE starts as a date, and many escorts will call you and act like a girlfriend.

Set the Right Expectations

Whether you choose GFE or PSE, make sure your expectations are right. Otherwise, you are bound to get disappointed. If you choose GFE and expect hot and wild sex, you could get disappointed. On the other hand, if you book an escort for PSE and just want to hold her hand and kiss her, the escort will wonder if there is a problem with you. Hence, it is crucial to find out what the escort is offering under PSE or GFE so that you know what to expect and will be ready for it. When it comes to PSE, it all depends on you, the client. The escort will focus solely on your desires and look for ways to fulfil them. Hence, when you turn up to meet the escort, make sure you let her know what turns you on. She will work with that and get you to experience sex and passion like never before. For many London escorts, PSE is something that they enjoy as they find the sex part fun and thrilling. So, they will be open to trying new positions and being adventurous and bold when you request them. The variety that real porn stars, like Victoria Summers, offer will evoke new sensations and spice up things beyond your imagination.

In Conclusion

You can choose PSE or GFE, depending on your mood. While all escorts have tried and tested favourites, most will see how things feel before proceeding further. That is why it is important to choose your escort with care and ensure she can meet your requirements and provide you with the services you are seeking. You can take PSE and GFE to a whole new level with the right escort and come away feeling completely satiated and content.

Written on: 8 Mar 2022 by admin